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Just 270 grams can change your winter dramatically.
The Ultra Light Down Jacket from UNIQLO.

So light, it’s bound to change how you think about Down jacket

At just 270g, this down jacket will change everything you’ve ever believed about down jackets!

At just half the weight of conventional down jackets (research by Uniqlo), it’s incredibly light but also warm—and that’s enough to revolutionize your entire winter wardrobe.

Just try it on and see what you think!

We’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The fibers: a collaborative effort with Toray.

One reason this material is so light is that it utilizes hollow fibers.

A flat weave and tighter stitching keeps the down inside!

Down enriched

The fuzz that comes from the breasts of the water fowl, as opposed to the feathers, is known as “down.”

The higher the down content, the better the quality.

Uniqlo’s ultra light down jacket boasts a superior down content of 90%

Fill power of over 680

The higher the number, the better the insulation.

Down with fill power of 550 or more is considered high quality.

Uniqlo’s Premium Down has fill power of greater than 680.

Fill power 1: One ounce of down expands to occupy one cubic inch


At 270g, this is the lightest down jacket ever seen.

And even though it’s incredibly light,
it takes up hardly any space.

In fact, one big advantage of this down coat is that it folds down small to fit in the bag that comes with it.

Take it along with you whenever go out!